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SDCN Cable Network is a part of the SDCN Group, which is one of India's leading business houses with a diverse portfolio of assets in media, packaging, entertainment, technology-enabled services, infrastructure development and education. 

SDCN Cable Network Limited is one of India's leading Multi System Operator (MSO). With 61 analog and 15 digital head ends and a network of more than 14,600 Kms of optical fibre and coaxial cable, it provides its cable services in India's 130 key cities and the adjoining areas, reaching out to over 10.5 million cable universe.

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SDCN Cable deploys State-of-the-art technology for delivering multiple TV signals to enhance consumer viewing experience. Its product range includes, Analog Cable Television, Digital Cable Television, Broadband and Local Television Channels. SDCN Cable has been providing services in analog and digital mode, armed with technical capability to provide features like Video on Demand, Pay per View, Electronic programming Guide (EPG) and gaming through a Set Top Box (STB). All products are marketed under SDCN brand name.